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Oral Impact®

Oral Supplementation with IMPACT®

IMPACT® comes available as a ready-to-serve specialized nutrition drink for oral consumption. It is designed to reduce the risk of infection in high-risk patient populations. Clinical trials have demonstrated that patients receiving oral supplementation with IMPACT® prior to major-elective surgery have better clinical outcomes, including fewer postoperative infections and shorter hospital stays than those patients who did not. It is the only preoperative nutritional intervention that has been proven in clinical trials to significantly reduce the rate of postoperative infections.



In the US, the ready-to-serve drink, IMPACT® Advanced RecoveryT, comes in two delicious flavors: chocolate and vanilla. In other select markets around the world, the oral version of IMPACT® is available under a variety of product names. To learn more about the availability of the oral version of IMPACT® outside of the US, please click here. The oral version of IMPACT® is a Medical Food. Patients should consult with their physician on the use of this product.